Published On: Tue, Apr 16th, 2019

President Macron Pledges To ‘Rebuild’ After Notre Dame Fire Disaster

Onlookers watch the fire at Notre Dame, Paris

French President, Emmanuel Macron, has attended the scene where the devastating fire at France’s Notre Dame Cathedral took place on Monday, according to a report by The Guardian. Macron gave a speech in which he vowed to “rebuild” the cathedral.

“Notre Dame is our history, our literature, part of our psyche, the place of all our great events, our epidemics, our wars, our liberations, the epicenter of our lives… So I solemnly say tonight: we will rebuild it together.”

Macron has said he is intending to raise funds through a campaign which will go towards repairing the historic building. François-Henri Pinault, French billionaire and CEO of international luxury group Kering, has already pledged 100 million Euros towards the rebuild. Macron cancelled a speech he was due to make earlier on TV which was going to address the recent protests that have been occurring in France recently.

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President Macron Pledges To ‘Rebuild’ After Notre Dame Fire Disaster