Published On: Fri, Oct 12th, 2018

Wisconsin Brewery Unveils Candy Corn Beer

Candy Corn

Candy corn, arguably the most polarizing candy on the market, has been turned into beer by a Wisconsin brewery.

ABC 6reports that the new ale has been released by the Westallion Brewing Company as a seasonal addition to its offerings for fall. On Facebook, the company said that the beer was created because it was just something that they wanted to try.

“Candy Corn is basically a load of sugar bound together by corn syrup, gelatins and other artificial flavors and colors,” they said. “But for us, we just couldn’t help but wonder what candy corn would be like as a beer…..our love runs that deep.”

WNEP 16 reports that the brewery went all out to create their new beer flavor. They didn’t just go to a store to purchase candy corn, they created some themselves. They even included “beer ingredients” into the candy before they added it to their concoction.

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Wisconsin Brewery Unveils Candy Corn Beer