Published On: Sun, Aug 12th, 2018

How The Ebony Horse Club Is Giving South London Kids A Chance

a child sitting atop an Ebony Horse Club horse

In Coldharbour Ward, Brixton, you wouldn’t expect horseback riding to be a popular sport. Most believe that horses are something for the rich or privileged to enjoy, but that’s not the case. Ebony’s riders are just as unique as their stable, and each of them has a story to tell. With many of them coming from poor backgrounds, they haven’t had a chance to ride a horse, much less care for one.

The Ebony Horse Club is offering them a chance to do both. For 22 years, the founder, Ros Spearing, has been taking disadvantaged children horseback riding. Growing up around horses herself, she believed that riding is an exciting skill to learn. While the club started off with no stables or horses to call its own, a £1.75 million funding allowed her to buy Wyck Gardens.

According to Telegraph, Wyck Gardens started off as a “two-acre strip of unloved land.”

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How The Ebony Horse Club Is Giving South London Kids A Chance